7 Quick Takes (a Sunday edition)

I’ve seen some other bloggers do this quick takes thing and I like how it gives a little snapshot of someone’s week, what’s on her mind, (what’s on her shopping list). I think it’s supposed to be a Friday thing, but oh well. Right now Sunday is when I have the most time to reflect back on the week.

  1. Lent starts this week (gah!) and while I am still considering what I will fast from (aka I know what I need to fast from but I don’t want to do it) I am v excited to start a new prayer rhythm with this Lenten journal from Blessed is She. Beautiful design, beautifully written reflections on women in the Bible. So much scripture, it seems like only a Protestant could have made it. JUST JOKES!


2. Zelie, Chris, and I got some kind of weird, subtly flu-like sickness two weeks ago, which we got over, only to wake up with bad colds this past week. That, plus v cold temperatures and then a snow storm, kept us home bound. So, I haven’t yet made it to the library in the month of February (what!) but I firmly intend to this week. Temps in the mid-30’s woot! I want to make Valentine’s with Evange there (so I don’t have to craft at home) and find as many of these books as I can.

3. I’ve been staying up too late watching Season 1 of The Crown. I got Chris to watch with me but I keep going ahead and then having to re-watch with him, and I’m not complaining about that.

4. Listening to this when I do the dishes/fold laundry/make dinner plus Chris going to a farmer’s co-op has made me all excited about local food. I’m even wanting to learn how to build some garden beds and grow some vegetables. And, my friend Anna, who is a profesh cheese maker, recommended this to me, which I promptly ordered. So I’m one step closer to an attempt at making my own cheese, which is something I never thought I’d say.


5. While I like the idea of having people over to dinner, Chris is much better at making it happen. We’ve hosted people three times in February so far. I’m getting better at cooking enough food (and learning to use my instant pot, woot!), getting the apartment somewhat clean, and being social. I actually really enjoy getting to practice hospitality (and I definitely need practice) and it’s become fun rather than humbling to invite friends into our tiny apartment. (We often borrow chairs from our neighbors, or have Chris and Evangeline sit on the coffee table pulled up to the dining table.) I decided to keep a log in the back of my planner of who we’ve had over (and what I cooked) just for fun and for my terrible memory.

6. I read through this essay over the course of several days (leaving it open on the table so anytime I sat down to eat with the girls I’d read a tiny bit more). Really enjoyed her writing and vulnerability and love for literature. If you read it, let me know what you think. (Shout out to Julian of Norwich in there, Mom!) Also really enjoying reading from physical books/magazines these days. I just get distracted reading on a screen and skim.

7. Hand lettering is a new hobby for me. I’m having fun practicing and improving. and I’m finding it fits with the season I’m in of collecting things. I can make a note of a quote that I like and then spend more time with it when I letter it out. This is Chris’s favorite, by far. LOL.



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