cloth diapers

A theme of this blog rn now is: I’m trying to figure out how to be a Stay At Home Mom. I stopped working after Zelie was born, and then we moved across the country, so it all felt like transition-zone all summer. Plus summer always has a different rhythm, so it wasn’t until the end of August that it felt weird that I didn’t have something like school or work about to ramp up. My solution was to come up with a bunch of projects I could tackle, that would make it feel like I had stuff to do. Project #1 was Potty Training, a whole saga deserving of its own v riveting post. Project #2 was Cloth Diapering aka An Eco-Friendly, Laudato Si-Fueled Unexpected Frenzy of Energy. If you’re ever interested in using cloth diapers, you should read this and ask Sarah for tips because that’s what I did. But because I got some cute pics of Zelie, a post on cloth diapers there shall be!


So, cloth diapers are a labor intense, sometimes pain in the butt, tbh. Buuuut they feel worth it (right now, at least) because they save money and I like throwing less diapers into landfills to never decompose. I almost got some used BumGenius for a good deal on Cloth Diaper Trader but then found a better deal through a moms Facebook group, so the upfront cost was only $50 for 15 diapers, I shall brag. I found out later that the diapers used to belong to one of my neighbors in the Village! Ha! I also snagged two reusable trash diaper bags for $10 from another neighbor. Cashing in on everyone else giving up on cloth diapering! Which makes me realize it’s pretty hard to keep up when you have lots of kids. Having only one baby in diapers and a washer/dryer in our unit made it possible for me to make the switch. That, and having a clothesline. I LOVE CLOTHESLINES. So right now it feels easy to wash them every 2-3 days or so and I don’t mind the scraping poop into the toilet part. It’s humbling and probably good for my soul. Oh and I bought two packs of these per Sarah’s recommendation, so we have reusable wipes, too. So eco-friendly rn.

I am really looking forward to spring when I can line dry them again, because I miss those minutes by myself at the clothesline. I love the feeling of cool, clean laundry in my hands when it’s hot outside, and how it slows me down to think and pray in the sunshine. Looking forward to spring for many, many reasons. Hoping I survive my first real winter and am still infatuated with le cloth diapering come … March? April? May? Whenever spring starts in South Bend.

in all its glory


displaying my running gear

It’s ridiculous how intimidated I’ve been by the idea of a blog. Lately, though, for whatever reason, I’ve felt more open to trying new things. I love to write and I’ve been saying I want to write more for several years now, but I’ve been held back by this stupid perfectionism I picked up somewhere along the way (Stanford? Having an Olympic athlete in the family?) that tells me I can’t try anything if I’m not already a total expert at it.

My final push came from a recent conversation with a friend. I sheepishly admitted I was *thinking* about starting a blog but how lame I felt (I don’t have a name for it! I don’t know what I’ll write about! I don’t want anyone to read it!) and she told me a story that made me realize I was being dumb and should just blog-a-log and get over myself.

We both worked with college students after graduating and she worked with Stanford students. At a yearly conference, we held a “No Talent – Talent Show.” She reminded me that we had to call it that so that Stanford students would even participate. And she told me about an act at the last conference (that I had missed because I was v v pregnant) that was especially hilariously bad.

This kid decided that for 3 minutes, his talent would be to invite other students up on stage and have them hold his running gear. So there were people just standing, holding his shoes, and his unwashed shirts and shorts while he talked about them. That was his talent. He wanted to participate, and he had no fear. (In another act, his friend planked while telling jokes. Originally they had planned for one of them to throw cards while the other planked. No fear, you guys, no fear.)

So, I don’t know what this blog is or will be, but this is me, displaying my sweaty, unwashed, running gear.